[Numpy-discussion] meaning of accumulation/normalisation

wilson wilson.t.thompson@gmail....
Fri Apr 11 02:52:52 CDT 2008

> > newul=ul/norm
>>the java doc mentions that by the above steps ul is normalised to unit
length (vector length)
> Umm, not quite, it is missing a square root. You can get the same result by
> using the Frobenius norm

thanks Chuck..
 i found the norm as you advised and then found newul=ul/norm  ,is
there some test condition the newul should satisfy? the java code
hints at
// u_l normalised to unit length (vector length)
// i.e. u_l (dot) u_l = 1  # i think he means the accumOperation()

i tried accumOperation(newul) and it returns 1
can someone pls explain the maths in this

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