[Numpy-discussion] Win32 installer: please test it

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Apr 13 22:24:04 CDT 2008

Bill Baxter wrote:
> That's right.  No execution and no error.  The installer finishes
> (quite quickly!)

Doing nothing is quick, even on windows :)

>  as if it did everything according to plan.
> Anything I can do to help you track down the problem?  It's a Win XP system.

I think I got the problem. Now, I got it working on my two vmware 
windows at hand. Could you try this:


The problem was that I thought I did set the install directory to a 
windows temp directory, but I actually only set up its default value, 
and as such the actual numpy installer was put in C:\ (which is a really 
crappy default ...). Because C:\ is not in the PATH, it does not work.

I set up the directory correctly, and there should be a message if the 
execution of the actual numpy installer fails (there is also more 
details in the installation log). I still do not understand why it 
worked on one of my windows and not the other, though.

> The default encoding of the machine is set to Japanese (CP931), but
> the langauge is English.

Well, I happend to have the same thing: my university's laptop windows 
is in Japanese, and it works on this one too.



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