[Numpy-discussion] Release of NumPy

Jon Wright wright@esrf...
Tue Apr 15 02:31:57 CDT 2008

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> Will matrix behavior change in 1.1, as discussed from time 
> to time?  Perhaps it just takes a very small change in __getitem__:
> <URL:http://www.mail-archive.com/numpy-discussion@scipy.org/msg07363.html>

Quoting from: 
Executive summary: Python 2.6 and 3.0 finals are planned for September
3, 2008.

In the event that there really is a valid reason to change the API (much 
like serial killers have their own valid reasons for their crimes...). 
Why not finalise that perfect API for the python3.0 build, when everyone 
is expecting code to change for 3K? Name them numpy3.x.x to match the 
python major version.

I bring this up because I'm actually wondering which bits of numpy will 
make it into the 3k standard library? Must've already been decided by 
now, seeing as 3K is so close to release already. Has anyone tried numpy 
on the alpha releases already?


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