[Numpy-discussion] Release of NumPy

Christopher Hanley chanley@stsci....
Tue Apr 15 08:01:22 CDT 2008

Sebastian Haase wrote:
> How about releasing 1.0.5 without the new masked array,
> i.e.
> 1. put back the old masked array and release as 1.0.5
> 2. then release 1.1.0 with the new masked array
> 3. start working on 1.2 by unifying the arguments, "np.resize", and
> other things alike.
> --Sebastian

We at STScI have already begun modifying our code to use the new masked 
array.  It is a very expensive proposition for us to attempt to support 
two different APIs for numpy for any length of time.  It is likely that 
we would force our customer base to 1.1 to avoid the added support costs.

I also hope that there aren't any additional API breaks in the works.  A 
stable API keeps our customers happy.  API changes tend to make them cranky.

Just my two cents.


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