[Numpy-discussion] numpy setup.py too restrictive, prevents use of fblas with cblas

George Nurser gnurser@googlemail....
Wed Apr 16 07:44:29 CDT 2008

Apologies for coming out of the woodwork so late here..

For blas/atlas etc in numpy & scipy on an opteron I use the AMD
libraries (which only have fblas) together with cblas. This works very

Current-ish SVN (v4779) in line 295-296 of numpy/core/setup.py  has:

            if ('NO_ATLAS_INFO',1) in blas_info.get('define_macros',[]):
                return None # dotblas needs ATLAS, Fortran compiled
blas will not be sufficient

To get my AMD fblas/cblas approach to work, I have to comment out
these two lines.
Can this restriction preventing use of AMD fblas be removed for v1.1?

Should I file a bug here?

Regards, George Nurser.

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