[Numpy-discussion] numpy setup.py too restrictive, prevents use of fblas with cblas

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Wed Apr 16 09:11:02 CDT 2008

George Nurser wrote:
> Apologies for coming out of the woodwork so late here..
> For blas/atlas etc in numpy & scipy on an opteron I use the AMD
> libraries (which only have fblas) together with cblas. This works very
> well.
> Current-ish SVN (v4779) in line 295-296 of numpy/core/setup.py  has:
>             if ('NO_ATLAS_INFO',1) in blas_info.get('define_macros',[]):
>                 return None # dotblas needs ATLAS, Fortran compiled
> blas will not be sufficient
> To get my AMD fblas/cblas approach to work, I have to comment out
> these two lines.
> Can this restriction preventing use of AMD fblas be removed for v1.1?
> Should I file a bug here?
Yes, you should put a ticket together.   The more information you can 
provide, the more likely someone will act on the ticket.  Some kind of 
info on why you had to comment out those two lines would be helpful.


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