[Numpy-discussion] numpy setup.py too restrictive, prevents use of fblas with cblas

George Nurser gnurser@googlemail....
Thu Apr 17 05:09:09 CDT 2008

> I am guessing that he built the cblas interface from here:
>   http://www.netlib.org/blas/blast-forum/cblas.tgz
>  Note that this is same C interface provided by ATLAS, the MKL, and
>  GOTO and is *not* the version simply converted from the FORTRAN using
>  f2c. It calls the (hopefully accelerated) FORTRAN subroutine where
>  possible after manipulating the arguments to tell the subroutine that
>  the matrices are transposed if row-major.
>  The correct fix needs to be more sophisticated than removing those two
>  lines. We need to recognize the MKL and the GOTO BLAS and allow them,
>  too. It might also be worth including the appropriate subset of the
>  cblas code provided in the tarball such that we can use any
>  accelerated FORTRAN BLAS without the standard cblas interface. Then
>  George wouldn't have the build the cblas library himself, either.

I have filed a ticket on this.

Yes, it is the cblas interface from
Not having to build the interface would indeed make it a whole lot easier.

George Nurser.

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