[Numpy-discussion] Distutils: using different linker options for c++ and c code

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Apr 17 06:34:48 CDT 2008


    I cannot seem to make scipy.sparse works on windows with mingw32, 
and it seems related to the msvc runtime. I always get segfaults in the 
sparsetools module (c++); if I build the module manually to control the 
options precisely and remove the -lmsvc71 from the build command, I 
cannot reproduce the segfault anymore (but the segfault does not happen 
100 % of the time, so it is hard to be sure)

    So is there a way in distutils to make the difference between C++ 
and C: for extension with C, use the msvc, for extensions in C++, do not 
use it ? (The obvious hack consisting in remove msvc alltogether does 
not work: it crahses in scipy.io, which is linked to incompatible FILE 
structures between mingw and VS, I guess).



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