[Numpy-discussion] [numscons] 0.6.1 release: it build scipy, and on windows !

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Mon Apr 21 04:38:43 CDT 2008


    I am pleased to announce the 0.6.1 release of numscons. You can get 
tarballs, eggs for python 2.4/2.5 and windows installers on launchpad:


I did not announce any release of numscons for some time, but this one 
is a significant milestone: it can build both numpy and scipy on linux, 
mac os X and windows (mingw only for now), and all tests pass on those 
three platforms (that is, all tests which pass on distutils build).

Here is a full changelog since the last announced release:
    - Update the local copy of scons to 0.98. All internal modifications 
to scons needed for numscons are now integrated upstream, which means it 
is theoretically possible to use an external scons
    - f2py scons tool is now executed in its own process to avoid race 
issues with parallel builds. Concretely, this means building scipy with 
the --jobs options to use multi core should work.
    - f2py has been almost entirely rewritten: it can now scan the 
module name automatically, and should be much more reliable.
    - Msvc runtime issues are now fixed: the PythonExtension builder 
does not link the msvc runtime if its sources contain some fortran files
    - Added initial support for C++ flags customization



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