[Numpy-discussion] Warning: converting a masked element to nan

Vincent Schut schut@sarvision...
Wed Apr 23 01:59:45 CDT 2008


Using maskedarrays (from svn numpy trunk), I sometimes get this warning:

"Warning: converting a masked element to nan".

It is not entirely clear to me what it means, and why it happens. Does 
it mean that numpy.ma is converting an element of the data part of the 
MA to NaN, on it's own? If so, why, and when? Or does it mean that I 
deliberatly have changed a data element to NaN, and if so, why on earth 
should I be warned for that? I think it is pretty normal to be able to 
create NaN's in my array... Or does it mean yet something else?

And, also important: how can I avoid this (not suppress, but what should 
I stop doing that currently triggers this warning)?

I hope someone could eleborate a bit on this...


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