[Numpy-discussion] access ndarray in C++

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Apr 23 03:14:59 CDT 2008

Sebastian Haase wrote:
> Hi Joris,
> this is a great ( short ) recipe ! Could you elaborate on the line
> "You need to compile myextension.cpp and make a shared library from
> it. The easiest way is to use Scons with the constructor file:"
> !?
> How do you call Scons in your example !? On Windows ( = cygwin !? ) ,
> Linux and on OS-X ?

I think Joris mentioned scons because that's the easiest way to build a 
shared library in a cross platform way (taking care of -fPIC on unix, 
linker option, etc...).

Scons is like make, and SConstruct files are like makefiles: you just 
call scons instead of make when you have a SConstruct file.

> Scons is now part of numpy (svn), right ?  (at least the scons version you mean)

I think this had nothing to do with using scons to build numpy/scipy per 
se (numpy svn does not include scons, BTW, only hooks to call scons from 



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