[Numpy-discussion] f2py: optional parameters and present() bug?

Garry Willgoose garry.willgoose@newcastle.edu...
Wed Apr 23 04:11:00 CDT 2008

in a F90 routine called from python the present() test (for optional  
parameters) always returns true whether the parameter is present in  
the function call or not. My F90 test code looks like this

subroutine test(test1,test2,test3)
   integer,intent(in) :: test1
   integer,intent(in),optional :: test2
   integer,intent(inout),optional :: test3
     write (*,*) test1,present(test2),present(test3)
     if (present(test2)) write (*,*) 'test2',test2
     if (present(test3)) then
       write (*,*) 'test3',test3
     end if
end subroutine test

The output from python calls to this routine (its inside a module  
tsdtm.tsg ... just to explain why the function looks like it does). I  
have just created this with f2py automatically generating the  
interface with no hand modification of the interfaces. What this test  
shows is that present() always returns true no matter (1) the intent  
(2) whether the parameter is present in the call, or (3) the type of  
the parameter (real, integer ... though I haven't tested arrays etc)  
as well.

Secondly I can't see how to get the returned value of 'test3'. It  
doesn't seem to be returned as a result of the function?

The docs say f2py handles optional parameters and other than present 
() my testing suggests that optional parameters seem otherwise OK.  
I'm on Mac OSX and using numpy 1.0.3. Any thoughts?

 >>> print tsimdtm.tsg.test.__doc__
test - Function signature:
Required arguments:
   test1 : input int
Optional arguments:
   test2 : input int
   test3 : in/output rank-0 array(int,'i')
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1)
  1 T T
  test2 0
  test3 0
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1,2)
  1 T T
  test2 2
  test3 0
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1,2,3)
  1 T T
  test2 2
  test3 3
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1,test2=2)
  1 T T
  test2 2
  test3 0
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1,test3=3)
  1 T T
  test2 0
  test3 3
 >>> tsimdtm.tsg.test(1,test2=2,test3=3)
  1 T T
  test2 2
  test3 3

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