[Numpy-discussion] numpy as a setuptools dependency

Andreas Klöckner lists@informa.tiker....
Thu Apr 24 11:04:17 CDT 2008

Hi all,

numpy (1.0.4 anyway) doesn't seem to install right when it's pulled in as a 
setuptools depdency from a package. If you need an example:


This is the error message:

error: /tmp/easy_install-BhSDYE/numpy-1.0.4/temp/tmpUk0utg/LLgCtQ: No such 
file or directory

Also, numpy doesn't use setuptools and therefore doesn't install an egg-info 
on Python 2.4, so that often setuptools will wrongly conclude that it's not 
installed, even if it is.

Ideas? Is this something worth fixing for 1.1.0? If so, I'll open a ticket.

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