[Numpy-discussion] Generating Bell Curves (was: Using normal() )

Rich Shepard rshepard@appl-ecosys....
Fri Apr 25 08:32:19 CDT 2008

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Keith Goodman wrote:

> A Gaussian never reaches zero.


   I know, and that's why I need to find another way to draw these curves.
While mathematically any 'y' value < 0.2 (the default) is equivalent to
zero, the curves must reach zero in the figures.

   Briefly, this model is used in regulatory compliance that may also end up
in legal proceedings. While the results are robust and not affected by the
curve not reaching zero, the appearance can cause problems in the regulatory
and legal arenas. They would be a distraction, a red herring, and consume
resources to explain. All this can be avoided by bell curves that reach
y=0.0 at the ends.


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