[Numpy-discussion] numpy release

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Fri Apr 25 08:40:51 CDT 2008

> 2008/4/25 Alan G Isaac :
>>  So, if X is 2 by 2, then X[0] will be a row vector.
>>  But if X is 1 by 2, then X[0] will be a scalar?
>>  Ouch!
>>  Bye bye generic code.

On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Stefan van der Walt apparently wrote:
> Yup.  That's the current state of things. 

I do not understand.
The released "state of things" is that for matrix ``x``
we have that ``x[0]`` is a **matrix**.

I'm not working with SVN NumPy, but my understanding
was that as of revision r5072 ``x[0]`` always
returns a 1d array.  The core requirement was that
``x[0][0]`` produce the first element of the matrix.

I do not have time to look at the revision right now,
but if a matrix ``x`` we have that ``x[0]``
can return a scalar, that is very undesirable.


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