[Numpy-discussion] Generating Bell Curves (was: Using normal() )

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Fri Apr 25 18:25:30 CDT 2008

On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 01:41:14PM -0500, Robert Kern wrote:
> As Anne notes, "bell-shaped curve," while seemingly generic, usually
> specifies Gaussians, and Gaussians do not have the properties you need.
> There are any number of curves which we could (and have) suggested as
> "looking bell-shaped,"

That's strange. In my field bell-shaped curves means any curve that is
centered on one specific point, stricly monotonous for x<0 and x>0,
positiv, and with a finite maximum. For instance a Lorentzian is a
bell-shaped curve.

This shows that you can easily get strong miss-comprehension between



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