[Numpy-discussion] untenable matrix behavior in SVN

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue Apr 29 12:29:15 CDT 2008

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> Perhaps I should note that I have come around to what 
> I take to be Tim H's view that matrix indexing should should 
> work just like ndarray indexing, except that when it 
> produces a 2d result then a matrix is returned.  (This means 
> giving up the current behavior of ``x[0,:]``.)  I also agree 
> with those who want ``rows`` and ``cols`` attributes for 
> iteration.

+1 on all of that.

>  A small difference: I would have these yield 
> matrices.  (I.e., no need for a new "vector" type.)

So the only thing we "give up" (which we don't have now anyway) is 
something that acts like column and can be indexed like a 1-d object. I 
still think that would be nice, but maybe we're coming close to a 
consensus about the rest of it.


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