[Numpy-discussion] very simple iteration question.

Nadav Horesh nadavh@visionsense....
Wed Apr 30 03:17:35 CDT 2008

for i in range(52):
   week_data = data[:,i,:]


for week_data in data.transpose(1,0,2):


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Hi.  This is a very basic question, sorry if it's irritating.  If i
didn't find the answer written already somewhere on the site, please
point me to it.  That'd be great.

OK: how do i iterate over an axis other than 0?

I have a 3D array of data[year, week, location].  I want to iterate
over each year at each location and run a series of stats on the
columns (on the 52 weeks in a particular year at a particular location).
 'for years in data:' will get the first one, but then how do i not
iterate over the 1 axis and iterate over the 2 axis instead?

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