[Numpy-discussion] arrays : c aligmen to fortran and back

Thomas Hrabe thrabe@burnham....
Mon Aug 4 16:21:54 CDT 2008

PS: is there any public C library available which would perform the same operation?

void* swap(int numberDimensions,int sizeDimensions,int dataSize,int conversionType,void* data); 
where conversionType is the flag fortran to c or vice versa.

As it works for numpy, there should be some public C/C++ code available... ???
I would like to have this python call in my C code (without calling an embedded function or so).
xf = np.asfortranarray(x)

Thank you very much,

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Yeah, this function does the job.
Thank you very much!

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Hi Thomas

2008/8/4 Thomas Hrabe <thrabe@burnham.org>:
> I need to convert a 3d array from c alingment to fortran and was wandering
> for the simplest code available.
> Its all about python and an interfaced C++ program, which, however,
> processes fortran aligned arrays.
> Is there a simple code from converting an array
> arr = numpy.array((30,20,10))
> to an array arr2 with the same shape
> (arr.shape == arr2.shape)  = true
> where the data is aligned in fortran style.


xf = np.asfortranarray(x)

do what you want?

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