[Numpy-discussion] Bilateral filter

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Tue Aug 5 16:08:04 CDT 2008

Nadav Horesh wrote:
> Attached here my cython implementation of the bilateral filter, which 
> is my first cython program. I would ask for the following:
>    1. Is there any way to speed up the code just by "cosmetic"
>       modifications?
>    2. In particular I use the unportable gcc function __builtin_abs:
>       Is there any way to access this in a portable way?
>    3. I would like to donate this code to scipy or any other suitable
>       project. What can/should I do to realise it?
> Remarks:
> The code contains 3 end-user routines:
>    1. A pure python implementation: Easy to read and modify --- it can
>       be cut out into a python source code.
>    2. A straight forward cython implementation: About 4 times as fast
>       as the python implementation.
>    3. An optimised cython implementation earning another factor of 2
>       in speed (depends on the parameters used).
> I see this code as a "research grade" that would evolve in the near 
> future, as I am working on a related project, and hopefully following 
> your comments.
This would be a very welcome addition to SciPy.    Thank you.  


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