[Numpy-discussion] cubic spline function in numarray or numpy

James Turner jturner@gemini....
Wed Aug 6 11:13:50 CDT 2008

Hi Shawn,

> I am trying to find 1-D cubic spline function. But I am not able to call 
> it. Error message can’t find “ndimage”

Ndimage is a module in SciPy, so you'd need to install that first,
not just NumPy. I'm not really familar with the available 1-D cubic
spline functions, but I think you will find those in SciPy too.

> Would someone point me to 1-D cubic spline functions either in numarray 
> or numpy? and their help pages?

Try looking at the cookbook:


> I use python 2.3.5 and numpy 1.0.1. Are they too old to use cubic spline?

I doubt it.



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