[Numpy-discussion] packbits / unpackbits bugs or misfeatures?

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Sat Aug 9 20:46:45 CDT 2008

>> Hello all,
>> numpy.unpackbits has a docstring that states that it returns a  
>> boolean
>> array, but the function instead returns a uint8 array. Should I enter
>> this in trac as a documentation bug or a functionality bug?
> Would you mind fixing up the docs on the documentation editor?

Except that it would kind of make more sense, at least to me, for  
unpackbits to return a boolean array, and packbits to take boolean  
arrays. I could try to look into fixing the code instead of the docs,  
if others agree.

Otherwise I'll fix the docs. Maybe that's better from an API-breakage  
standpoint anyway, regardless of what "makes sense to me"...


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