[Numpy-discussion] VS 2003 problems with cython-generated code

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Fri Aug 15 11:49:28 CDT 2008


I noticed this morning that numpy 1.2 is not buildable with VS 2003
(the one you have to use for official python releases for at least
python 2.5, and maybe 2.4). When we generate C code, both with
internal code (numpy/core/code_generator) and with external tools
(cython/pyrex for mtrand), the string literals generated for
docstrings are too long for visual studio. We have to break them (e.g.
"foo bar" becomes "foo""bar"), but doing so with cython-generated code
is only doable by changing cython itself.

So I did patch cython to break those, and regenerate the mtrand.c.
This is done in the vs_longstring branch. Is it ok to put this for 1.2
? Without it, I don't see a way to have numpy 1.2 buildable with VS.



P.S:  I attached the necessary patches to cython bug tracker too, so
that hopefully, the problem can be solved for a future version of

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