[Numpy-discussion] long double woes on win32

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Fri Aug 15 18:43:03 CDT 2008


The test failures on windows with 1.2b2 are due to buggy long double
behavior of mingw. My understanding is that on windows, long double is
8 bytes (that's the sizeof value returned by VS 2003), but mingw says
12 bytes.

One solution would be forcing numpy to configure itself to handle long
double as double. But doing this breaks the configuration in many
ways, and this would require relatively important changes which is
quite fragile in numpy ATM (the whole math function things in
umathmodule.c.src). I don't see this happening for 1.2.

Another one is to use VS 2003 for the binaries: but then we are back
to the problem of non buildable numpy with VS 2003.

The last one is to ignore this for 1.2 (long double was already broken
before in numpy win32 binaries).

What do people think ?



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