[Numpy-discussion] C99 on windows

Christian Heimes lists@cheimes...
Fri Aug 15 21:09:33 CDT 2008

Charles R Harris wrote:
> I believe C99 was used as a guide to how complex corner cases involving
> +/-0, +/-inf, etc. should behave. However, it doesn't look possible to make
> that behaviour portable without a lot of work and it probably isn't worth
> the trouble. At the moment the failing tests have been removed.

We used the C99 specs as guideline, too. If I recall correctly mostly 
Annex F and G. We got it all sorted out but it took us a tremendous 
amount of time and work. We had to reimplement a bunch of math functions 
like log1p and the reversed hyperbolic functions. Mark introduced a 
system of lookup tables for complex corner cases. You can find them at 
the end of the cmath module:


The new pymath files contain a series of macros and re-implemenation of 
C99 features and cross platform workarounds:



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