[Numpy-discussion] C-API change for 1.2

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Sat Aug 16 10:47:25 CDT 2008

Jon Wright wrote:
> Travis, Stéfan,
> I missed Travis mail previously. Are you *really* sure you want force 
> all C code which uses numpy arrays to be recompiled? 
Re-compilation is necessary at some point.  We have not required 
recompilation for a long time now.    Yes, it is a pain for 
distribution, but those who don't want to re-compile can point people to 
1.1.1 which will still work until they make a new release compiled 
against the newer NumPy.

I would encourage people to make use of things like Python(x,y), EPD, 
and SAGE for their distribution needs.


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