[Numpy-discussion] Possible new multiplication operators for Python

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Aug 17 00:03:57 CDT 2008

Hi all,

[ please keep all replies to this only on the numpy list.  I'm cc'ing
the scipy ones to make others aware of the topic, but do NOT reply on
those lists so we can have an organized thread for future reference]

In the Python-dev mailing lists, there were recently two threads
regarding the possibility of adding to the language new multiplication
operators (amongst others).  This would allow one to define things
like an element-wise and a matrix product for numpy arrays, for


It turns out that there's an old pep on this issue:


which hasn't been ruled out, simply postponed.  At this point it seems
that there is room for some discussion, and obviously the input of the
numpy/scipy crowd would be very welcome.  I volunteered to host a BOF
next week at scipy so we could collect feedback from those present,
but it's important that those NOT present at the conference can
equally voice their ideas/opinions.

So I wanted to open this thread here to collect feedback.  We'll then
try to have the bof next week at the conference, and I'll summarize
everything for python-dev.  Obviously this doesn't mean that we'll get
any changes in, but at least there's interest in discussing a topic
that has been dear to everyone here.



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