[Numpy-discussion] The "NumPy" Cython release + tutorial

Joris De Ridder Joris.DeRidder@ster.kuleuven...
Thu Aug 21 18:34:53 CDT 2008

On 20 Aug 2008, at 22:18 , Dag Sverre Seljebotn wrote:

> Cython just had a release, and amongst the new features are efficient
> NumPy array indexing for integers, real floats and Python objects.
> You can get it at http://cython.org
> For those new to Cython, I've written a tutorial specifically targeted
> for NumPy users here:
> http://wiki.cython.org/tutorials/numpy
> ...documenting the process of getting from 1.8 seconds to 6  
> milliseconds
> for the same data by adding typing in a sample for-loop-intensive code
> snippet. The last section of that tutorial (Efficient indexing) should
> be useful for those who know Cython as well.

This looks really great! Thanks!


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