[Numpy-discussion] Problem with correlate?

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Fri Aug 22 03:03:46 CDT 2008

Hi Hanno

2008/8/22 Hanno Klemm <klemm@phys.ethz.ch>:
> yes, indeed, that's what I thought. This result is odd. Has correlate
> been changed since version 1.0.4, or should I submit this as a bug?

Is there any way that you could try out the latest release on your
machine and see if it solves your problem?  We probably won't be
releasing bug-fixes on 1.0.4, but if it exists in 1.1 we'll still
address it.  I'm not aware of any changes, but I may simply have
missed it.


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