[Numpy-discussion] Report from SciPy

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Sat Aug 23 18:39:30 CDT 2008

Hi everybody,

Robert K, Chuck H, Stefan VdW, Jarrod M, David C, and I had a nice 
discussion about the future directions of NumPy.   We resolved some 
things and would like community feedback on them if there are opinions.

 * we will be moving to time-based releases (at least 2 times a year -- 
November / May) with major changes not accepted about 4 weeks before the 
 * The releases will be numbered major.minor.bugfix
 * There will be no ABI changes in minor releases
 * There will be no API changes in bugfix releases
 * Any API changes in minor releases will be done in a backward 
compatible fashion (possibly with deprecations).
 * Thus 1.2 will not break ABI compatibility but will add new API features.
 * We will push the generalized ufuncs off to 1.3
 * NumPy 2.0 will be a library and will not automagically import numpy.fft
 * We will suggest that other libraries use from numpy import fft 
instead of import numpy as np; np.fft
 * We will apply most of Andrew Dalke's speed up patches but will keep 
ctypeslib import
 * We will remove automatic import of numpy.doc from trunk
 * NumPy 1.2 will come out shortly after the conference (rc1 on Sunday).
 * SciPy 0.7b1 will come out after the sprints.

If there is anything else I missed from those who were there, please let 
us all know.

By the way,  as promised, the NumPy book is now available for download 
and the source to the book is checked in to the numpy SVN tree:


Best regards,


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