[Numpy-discussion] Converting audio data to array for further processing

Dan Colesworthy ColesworthyD@Otologics....
Mon Aug 25 18:25:08 CDT 2008

Hello all,


I need an efficient way to convert 24 bit signed audio data to a numpy
array for further processing.  The data will be in a .wav file, and can
be recovered via the python wave module.  At that point it is a byte
string - likely in little endian order.  Somewhere in that data will be
a 1 second length tone of prescribed but varying amplitude and frequency
which must be measured for amplitude, frequency, duration, thd% etc.


Also need to make the conversion quickly - over relatively large amounts
of data.  Something like 5 seconds sampled at 32000 samples/second.
This same job will have to be repeated > 300 times as part of a test


Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.


Dan Colesworthy

Otologics LLC


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