[Numpy-discussion] Buildbot failure

Alan McIntyre alan.mcintyre@gmail....
Mon Aug 25 22:16:26 CDT 2008

In case it hasn't been noted yet, three of the buildbots
(Windows_XP_x86_64_MSVC, Linux_SPARC_64_Debian,
Linux_SPARC_64_Debian_gcc4) are failing to build.  The Linux builds
have the error:

gcc: build/src.linux-sparc64-2.4/numpy/core/src/umathmodule.c
numpy/core/src/umathmodule.c.src:332: error: static declaration of
'trunc' follows non-static declaration

The MSVC build appears to fail with

: error C2065: 'truncf' : undeclared identifier

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