[Numpy-discussion] at my wits end over an error message...

Alan Jackson alan@ajackson....
Sat Aug 30 21:02:46 CDT 2008

I been beating myself up over this bit of code for far too long now - I
know I must be missing something really simple, but what is it?

TYPICALLY_UINT_COLUMNS = ['Track', 'Bin', 'code', 'horizon']
        dtypes = [ ]
        for i in range(0, len(self.var_list)) :
            if TYPICALLY_UINT_COLUMNS.count(self.var_list[i]) > 0:
                dtypes.append((self.var_list[i], '<i8'))
            else :
                dtypes.append((self.var_list[i], '<f8'))
        print "dtypes = ", dtypes
        print outdata[0]
        outdata = np.array(outdata, dtype=dtypes)

dtypes =  [('Track', '<i8'), ('Bin', '<i8'), ('Depth', '<f8'), ('extrema', '<f8'), ('code', '<i8'), ('horizon', '<i8')]
(345, 615, 4826.0, 470.588012695, 47, 636)
Exception occurred in traits notification handler.
Please check the log file for details.
Exception occurred in traits notification handler for object: <__main__.MaplEdit object at 0x8bb54dc>, trait: Run, old value: <undefined>, new value: 0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/enthought.traits-2.0.4-py2.5-linux-i686.egg/enthought/traits/trait_notifiers.py", line 325, in call_1
    self.handler( object )
  File "TrimMapl_1.py", line 98, in _Run_fired
    outdata = np.array(outdata, dtype=dtypes)
TypeError: expected a readable buffer object



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