[Numpy-discussion] return value of array methods

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Sun Aug 31 12:19:58 CDT 2008

dmitrey wrote:
> As for me I can't understand the general rule: when numpy funcs return 
> copy and when reference?
> For example why x.fill() returns None (do inplace modification) while 
> x.ravel(), x.flatten() returns copy? Why the latters don't do inplace 
> modification, as should be expected?

I take the rule to be to return the result when it is
a copy or a change of view.  So,
these seem quite right, taken one at a time.
E.g., ``a.fill()`` changes `a` in place, and so returns None.
It does not make sense to think of ``ravel`` as doing
an in-place modification, it is just a change of view (if possible).
And ``flatten`` is specifically for insisting on a copy
rather than a change of view.  Or so I understand things.

Alan Isaac

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