[Numpy-discussion] PyArray_EMPTY and Cython

Gabriel Gellner ggellner@uoguelph...
Tue Dec 2 21:57:07 CST 2008

After some discussion on the Cython lists I thought I would try my hand at
writing some Cython accelerators for empty and zeros. This will involve using
PyArray_EMPTY, I have a simple prototype I would like to get working, but
currently it segfaults. Any tips on what I might be missing?

import numpy as np
cimport numpy as np

cdef extern from "numpy/arrayobject.h":
    PyArray_EMPTY(int ndims, np.npy_intp* dims, int type, bint fortran)

cdef np.ndarray empty(np.npy_intp length):
    cdef np.ndarray[np.double_t, ndim=1] ret
    cdef int type = np.NPY_DOUBLE
    cdef int ndims = 1

    cdef np.npy_intp* dims
    dims = &length

    print dims[0]
    print type

    ret = PyArray_EMPTY(ndims, dims, type, False)

    return ret

def test():
    cdef np.ndarray[np.double_t, ndim=1] y = empty(10)

    return y

The code seems to print out the correct dims and type info but segfaults when
the PyArray_EMPTY call is made.



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