[Numpy-discussion] trouble subclassing ndarray

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Wed Dec 3 09:24:43 CST 2008

Le mercredi 03 décembre 2008, Sébastien Barthélemy a écrit :
> Hello,
Hi Sebastien!

> I'm trying to write a small library of differential geometry, and I
> have some trouble subclassing ndarray.
> I'd like an HomogeneousMatrix class that subclasse ndarray and
> overloads some methods, such as inv().
> Here is my first try, the inv() function and the inv_v1() method work
> as expected, but the inv_v2() and inv_v3() methods do not change the
> object at all. Can somebody explain me what is happening here ?
> import numpy as np
> def inv(H):
>     """
>     inverse of an homogeneous matrix
>     """
>     R = H[0:3,0:3]
>     p = H[0:3,3:4]
>     return np.vstack( (np.hstack((R.T,-np.dot(R.T,p))), [0,0,0,1]))
> class HomogeneousMatrix(np.ndarray):
>     def __new__(subtype, data=np.eye(4)):
>         subarr = np.array(data)
>         if htr.ishomogeneousmatrix(subarr):
>             return subarr.view(subtype)
>         else:
>             raise ValueError
>     def inv_v1(self):
>         self[0:4,0:4] = htr.inv(self)
>     def inv_v2(self):
>         data = htr.inv(self)
>         self = HomogeneousMatrix(data)
>     def inv_v3(self):
>         self = htr.inv(self)

There is something I missed: what is htr? I guess htr.inv is the inv
function defined before the class.
Another point: it seems weird to me that, in the class' methods inv_v2
and inv_v3, you 'unref' the previous instance of HomogeneousMatrix and
link the 'self' label to a new instance... In inv_v1, you just modify
the coefficient of the Homogeneous Matrix with the coefficient of

Fabrice Silva <silva@lma.cnrs-mrs.fr>
LMA UPR CNRS 7051 - équipe S2M

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