[Numpy-discussion] np.loadtxt : yet a new implementation...

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Wed Dec 3 11:08:15 CST 2008

On Dec 3, 2008, at 11:41 AM, Ryan May wrote:
> Found a problem.  If you read the names from the file and specify  
> usecols, you end up with the first N names read from the file as the  
> fields in your output (where N is the number of entries in usecols),  
> instead of having the names of the columns you asked for.
> <..>
> I've attached a version that fixes this by setting a flag internally  
> if the names are read from the file.  If this flag is true, at the  
> end the names are filtered down to only the ones that are given in  
> usecols.

OK, thx. I'll take that into account and post a new version by the end  
of the day.

> I also have one other thought.  Is there any way we can make this  
> handle object arrays, or rather, a field containing objects,  
> specifically datetime objects?  Right now, this does not work  
> because calling view does not work for object arrays.  I'm just  
> looking for a simple way to store date/time in my record array  
> (currently a string field).

It does already: you can upgrade the mapper of StringConverter to  
support datetime object. Check an earlier post by JDH and my answer.  
I'll add an example in the test suite.

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