[Numpy-discussion] Compiler options for mingw?

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Wed Dec 3 21:19:17 CST 2008

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 3:02 PM, David Cournapeau
<david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp> wrote:

> No at the moment, but you can easily decompress the .exe content to get
> the internal .exe (which are straight installers built by python
> setup.py setup.py bdist_wininst). It should be possible to force an
> architecture at install time using a command line option, but I don't
> have the time ATM to support this.

I needed it to help me fixing a couple of bugs for old CPU, so it
ended up being implemented in the nsis script for scipy now (I will
add it to numpy installers too). So from now, any newly releases of
both numpy and scipy installers could be overriden:

installer-name.exe /arch native -> default behavior
installer-name.exe /arch nosse -> Force installation wo sse, even if
SSE-cpu is detected.

It does not check that the option is valid, so you can end up
requesting SSE3 installer on a SSE2 CPU. But well...


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