[Numpy-discussion] Compiler options for mingw?

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Thu Dec 4 10:24:23 CST 2008

> I needed it to help me fixing a couple of bugs for old CPU, so it
> ended up being implemented in the nsis script for scipy now (I will
> add it to numpy installers too). So from now, any newly releases of
> both numpy and scipy installers could be overriden:
> installer-name.exe /arch native -> default behavior
> installer-name.exe /arch nosse -> Force installation wo sse, even if
> SSE-cpu is detected.
> It does not check that the option is valid, so you can end up
> requesting SSE3 installer on a SSE2 CPU. But well...

Cool! Thanks! This will be really useful...


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