[Numpy-discussion] Python2.4 support

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Mon Dec 8 08:40:03 CST 2008

> While my feelings aren't as strong as David's, they are pretty much identical.
> As a point of reference, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 won't come out
> until at least the first quarter of 2010.  Until then we should make a
> serious effort to support Python 2.4, which ships with RHEL 5.  It
> looks like RHEL 6 will be based on the upcoming Fedora 11 release,
> which will ship with Python 2.6.  That gives us a minimum of one year
> for 2.4 support.  Once RHEL 6 is released, it will take several months
> before a sizable number of users upgrade.
> Moin has a detailed list of Python versions for various OSes and
> hosting services:
>  http://moinmo.in/PollAboutRequiringPython24

At least several months, if not years. RedHat supports each version 7
years, for instance (I don't ask for that long).
Currently, I'm still using a RHEL 4, although it is planned to migrate
to RHEL 5 next year. So we should still support 2.4 for at least 18
months, in case some big firms use RHEL and Python+Numpy for their

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