[Numpy-discussion] genloadtxt : last call

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Dec 9 14:13:17 CST 2008

On Dec 9, 2008, at 12:59 PM, Christopher Barker wrote:

> Jarrod Millman wrote:
>>> From the user's perspective, I would like all the NumPy IO code to  
>>> be
>> in the same place in NumPy; and all the SciPy IO code to be in the
>> same place in SciPy.
> +1

So, no problem w/ importing numpy.ma and numpy.records in numpy.lib.io ?

>> So I
>> wonder if it would make sense to incorporate AstroAsciiData?
> Doesn't it overlap a lot with genloadtxt? If so, that's a bit  
> confusing
> to new users.

For the little I browsed, do we need it ? We could get the same thing  
with record arrays...

>> 3. What about data source?
>> Should we remove datasource?  Start using it more?
> start  using it more -- it sounds very handy.

Didn't know it was around. I'll adapt genloadtxt to use it.

>> Documentation
>> ---------------------
>> Let me try NumPy; this seems
>> pretty good.  Now let's see how to load in some of my data....")
> totally key -- I have a colleague that has used Matlab a fair bi tin
> past that is starting a new project -- he asked me what to use. I, of
> course, suggested python+numpy+scipy. His first question was -- can I
> load data in from excel?

So that would go in scipy.io ?

> One more comment -- for fast reading of lots of ascii data, fromfile()
> needs some help -- I wish I had more time for it -- maybe some day.

I'm afraid you'd have to count me out on this one: I don't speak C  
(yet), and don't foresee learning it soon enough to be of any help...

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