[Numpy-discussion] Numscons issues: numpy.core.umath_tests not built, built-in ld detection, MAIN__ not being set-up

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Dec 9 23:59:33 CST 2008

Peter Norton wrote:
> I've got a few issues that I hope won't be overwhelming on one message:
> (1) Because of some issues in the past in building numpy with
> numscons, the numpy.core.umath_tests don't get built with
> numpy+numscons (at least not as of svn version 6128).
> $ python -c 'import numpy; print numpy.__version__; import
> numpy.core.umath_tests'
> 1.3.0.dev6139
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
> ImportError: No module named umath_tests
> What needs to be done to get this module incorporated into the numscons build?

you should not need this module, it is not built using the normal build
of numpy either. Did you do a clean build (rm -rf build and removing the
install directory first) ? It was enabled before but is commented out ATM.

> (2) I've found that in numscons-0.9.4, the detection of the correct
> linker assumes that if gcc is in use, the linker is gnu ld. However,
> on solaris this isn't the recommended toolchain, so it's typical to
> build gcc with gnu as and the solaris /usr/ccs/bin/ld under the hood.
> What this means is that when setting a run_path in the binary (which
> we need to do) the linker flags are set to "-Wl,-rpath=<library>".
> However, this isn't valid for the solaris ld. It needs -R<libname>, or
> -Wl,-R<libname>. I'm pretty sure that on Solaris trying to link a
> library with -Wl,-rpath= and looking for an error should be enough to
> determine the correct format for the linker.

Scons and hence numscons indeed assume that the linker is the same as
the compiler by default. It would be possible to avoid this by detecting
the linker at runtime, to bypass scons tools choice, like I do for C,
C++ and Fortran compilers. The whole scons tools sub-system is
unfortunately very limited ATM, so there is a lot of manual work to do
(that's actually what most of the code in numscons/core is for).

> (3) Numscons tries to check for the need for a MAIN__ function when
> linking with gfortran. However, any libraries built with numscons come
> out with an unsatisfied dependency on MAIN__. The log looks like this
> in build/scons/numpy/linalg/config.log looks like this:

It may be linked to the sun linker problem above. Actually, the dummy
main detection is not used at all for the building -  it is necessary to
detect name mangling used by the fortran compiler, but that's it. I
assumed that a dummy main was never needed for shared libraries, but
that assumption may well be ill founded.

I never had problems related to this on open solaris, with both native
and gcc toolchains, so I am willing to investiage first whether it is
linked to the sun linker problem or not.

Unfortunately, I won't have the time to work on this in the next few
months because of my PhD thesis; the sun linker problem can be fixed by
following a strategy similar to compilers, in
numscons/core/initialization.py. You first need to add a detection
scheme for the linker in compiler_detection.py.


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