[Numpy-discussion] ANNOUNCE: ETS 3.1.0 released!

Dave Peterson dpeterson@enthought....
Wed Dec 10 11:28:45 CST 2008

I'm pleased to announce that the Enthought Tool Suite (ETS) 3.1.0 has
been tagged, released, and uploaded to PyPi[1]!

Both source distributions (.tar.gz) and binary (.egg) for Windows have
been built and uploaded to PyPi.

You can update an existing ETS install to v3.1.0 like so:
    easy_install -U ETS==3.1.0

What is ETS?
The Enthought Tool Suite (ETS) is a collection of projects developed
by members of the OSS community, including Enthought employees, which we
use every day to construct custom scientific applications. It includes a
wide variety of components, including:

    * an extensible application framework
    * application building blocks
    * 2-D and 3-D graphics libraries
    * scientific and math libraries
    * developer tools

The cornerstone on which these tools rest is the Traits project, which
provides explicit type declarations in Python; its features include
initialization, validation, delegation, notification, and visualization
of typed attributes.

More information is available for all these packages from the Enthought
Tool Suite development home page:

-- Dave

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