[Numpy-discussion] Mersenne twister seeds

Ravi lists_ravi@lavabit....
Mon Dec 15 17:57:54 CST 2008

On Monday 15 December 2008 18:01:41 Michael Gilbert wrote:
> According to wikipedia [1], some common Mersenne twister algorithms
> use a linear congruential gradient (LCG) to generate seeds.  LCGs have
> been known to produce poor random numbers.  Does numpy's Mersenne
> twister do this?  And if so, is this potentially a problem?

No. Once the seeding is done, the Mersenne twister generates the random 
numbers. So long as you are using those, you are fine (except for 
cryptographic applications). If you don't trust the seed, you could always 
seed it yourself as well.


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