[Numpy-discussion] array not appending

Prashant Saxena animator333@yahoo....
Thu Dec 18 04:22:23 CST 2008


This is copied from ipython console. 

In [42]: import numpy as np

In [43]: ST = np.empty([], dtype=np.float32)

In [44]: np..append(ST, 10.0)
Out[44]: array([  3.83333603e-38,   1.00000000e+01])

In [45]: np.append(ST, 10.0)
Out[45]: array([  3.83333603e-38,   1.00000000e+01])

In [46]: print ST

What's wrong here?

win XP 32
numpy 1.2.1
python 2.5.2


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