[Numpy-discussion] numpy on windows x64 with mingw: it (almost) works

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sun Dec 21 02:13:11 CST 2008


    Just a few words to mention that I've finally managed to build numpy
with the mingw-w64 project (port of mingw to AMD 64 bits MS OS), and it
almost run OK. By almost, I mean that numpy.test() finishes without
crash, assuming a few unit tests are skipped (some long double
problems). Not all unit tests pass, but almost all of them are easy to
fix problems in numpy (except for the long double problem).
    The drawback is that you can't do that just by using the mingw-w64
binaries, you have to build your own toolchain because of some
bugs/missing features in mingw-w64. I've put the gory details there:


    Hopefully, this should make it easier to add fortran support with
gfortran, opening the possibility to have both numpy and scipy buildable
on windows x64 with free compilers,


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