[Numpy-discussion] NumPy and Python 2.6 on Windows

Lenard Lindstrom len-l@telus....
Sat Dec 27 22:06:57 CST 2008

Lenard Lindstrom wrote:
> David Cournapeau wrote:
>> Do you mean on xp 32 bits or 64 bits ? For the later, I have yet to
>> submit patchs to the mingw-w64 project - the whole libmsvcr90.a is
>> missing, actually. For 32 bits, I simply got around it by changing the
>> missing functions in numpy itself - if we are talking about the same
>> thing, that is missing time functions for random. 
> Yes, the _ftime function, which is an inlined function in VC 2008 that 
> calls _ftime64. I have to build a lot of dependencies for Pygame so I 
> want to avoid patching code when possible. Instead I have a custom 
> libmsvcr90.a that has stub functions for the various time functions. It 
> lets me create static libraries that link to both msvcr71.dll and 
> msvcr90.dll. No manifest files required. And no patches to MinGW.
It just occurred to me: -D_ftime=_ftime64. I will have to see if this 
works with gmtime in the png library. Thanks for the advice.


Lenard Lindstrom

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