[Numpy-discussion] numpy.test() failures (1.2.1) on Mac OS X

Nicholas Matsakis nick@matsakis....
Tue Dec 30 11:44:47 CST 2008

I just installed what I believe to be a completely vanilla installation of 
numpy on an Intel Mac OS X 10.5.6.  Python 2.5 pkg from Python.org, numpy 
1.2.1 pkg from scipy.org, nose installed through setup tools.  Running 
"import numpy; numpy.test()" results in the following errors and failures:

ERROR: Failure: TypeError (can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float')
ERROR: test_definition (test_helper.TestFFTShift)
ERROR: test_inverse (test_helper.TestFFTShift)
ERROR: Test of inplace division
FAIL: test_division_int (test_umath.TestDivision)
FAIL: test_basic (test_index_tricks.TestUnravelIndex)
FAIL: Test of inplace division
FAIL: test_inplace_division_misc (test_core.TestMaskedArrayInPlaceArithmetics)
FAIL: Test of inplace operations and rich comparisons

Is this expected? Should I file a ticket? A complete dump of the test run 
can be found at: http://nick.matsakis.net/tmp/numpy-1.2.1-tests-12-30-2008.txt

Nick Matsakis

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