[Numpy-discussion] Call to mrecords users

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Fri Feb 1 17:43:26 CST 2008


I just commited some updates on mrecords (numpy.maskedarray branch). Overall, 
it's a reorganization/simplification of the code. Regular masked arrays can 
already recognize named fields, but the mask works only at the record level 
(ie, all the fields of one record are masked). In comparison, masked record 
arrays (mrecarrays) permit the masking of individual fields. The conversion 
between a masked array of records and a mrecarray is as easy as for the 
classical ndarray: just use a .view(mrecarray).

I'd be grateful if the current users of mrecords could give the new version a 
try, and let me know whether everything works seamlessly or if new 
modifications need to be implemented.
Thanks a lot in advance.

PS: that goes as well for users of trecords (in scikits.timeseries): the 
package has been updated to match the recent modifications on mrecords

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