[Numpy-discussion] Numpy and C++ integration...

Neal Becker ndbecker2@gmail....
Mon Feb 4 14:29:10 CST 2008

Christopher Barker wrote:

> Neal Becker wrote:
>> I have a variety of experiments that I put in this mercurial repo:
>> https://nbecker.dyndns.org/hg/
>> The primary aim of this is to reuse c++ code written to a generic
>> container interface, with numpy.
> Neal,
> I'd love to hear more about this. Do you have a two paragraph
> description of what you're up to?

I need to update it, but here is a short doc:


If you look at the hg repo, you will see a few interesting exercises.

accumulator shows the idea of making 1-d numpy arrays usable as containers
compatible with boost::range.

numpy_iter.hpp has most of the work.  This has:

n-dim wrapper for numpy array, and iterator to go with it.  Since the n-d
iter concept is not too well defined, I haven't worked on this much.

1-dim wrapper and iterator to go with it.

numpy is run-time polymorphic, which the c++ code I want to use is
compile-time.  misc has some tests of dispatching based on types.

num2.cc has some tests of creating numpy arrays.

limit.cc has a little test of ufunc.

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